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Windows Steady State

Posted on July 6th, 2008 in Computer software/hardware, Software/Hardware Reviews, Tech News, Viruses spyware and other nasty things | 4 Comments »

Here is a very nice piece of software. When you get tired of being oh so good to your computer and feel like playing with some dangerous download, or am letting someone use the computer for a while and you know their going to screw the computer up, Windows Steady State is here. What I find very odd…is that its released free by Microsoft, without any fanfare.
But heh, it works and its free. It makes a cache file which includes all the system changes, when you revert, it simply clears the cache.
Check it out: Microsoft Windows SteadState


Posted on May 16th, 2008 in Computer software/hardware, Downloads, Dumb Things That Happen, PSA-Types, Tech News, Viruses spyware and other nasty things | 2 Comments »

For those of our readers in England, heres a post for you guys. Firstly, before we start, if you’ve been reading this blog all this time, we apologize for spelling words in the US way, although some of the spellings make more sense without the -u- in them..but, enough about that.

If you live in the UK, most likely, your ISP is BT and have had dealings with Virgin Media. Chances are…you have a program installed on your computer called Phorm which sits at your computer and reports browsing activity and sends it back to the company. This is such a ridiculous piece of software, that really, if it got installed on my system, I would be writing rant after rant. Instead, however, theres AntiPhormLite, which is a program for XP and Vista that runs in the background generating fake browsing activity. To save up bandwidth, it only loads the text of a page. Pretty much, it lets you do whatever you want, and screws with the company who installed it. As i quote:

Just run it and go and watch TV if you want. Someone somewhere will
assume you like to shop for red shoes and caravans and be rubbing their
hands with glee.

Brilliant! Thank you AntiPhorm