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testing an ad system. TESTING I TELL YOU!

The BEST Geek Hotels

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Hotel Chatter created a compilation of the best geek friendly hotels. Some are quite nice, some are just picked for its thematic brownie points.
Here we go:

The Tribeca Grand (New York)
It has the iStudio full of apple gadgets. Desktops full of fun a/v editing software, cameras, etc. A bose sounddock, fully loaded ipods for your room, and if you get a room number ending in 06 or 16, you get G5’s in your room. Other rooms have slightly lower ended comps. The front desk manager…is also on Aim. You can chat with him from your hotel room!

The Hotel@MIT (Boston)
They gave this one a few points for having an @ in the name…very nice. It’s also home to MIT AI Lab graduates, free wifi and T1 line in your room. Digital safe in every room, networked laser printer, and high tech decor. And plus..its MIT. Ya gotta give em some points for that 🙂

Woodlyn Park (New Zealand)
So, New Zealand…tourism for Lord of the Rings, nice hobbit rooms. They are underground, and windows that match the movie. Totally here because of its LOTR’ness

Baena Hotel+Universe (Buenos Aires)

Every room has a perfectly placed flat screen that is placed OUT of glare. Internet connection galore, with wifi everywhere. Poolside tech service with charging plugs for all your devices, and the water is placed to create a nice illusion of floating.

Sidi Driss (Tunisia)
Star Wars Fans unite! This ones the location of real world Tatouine. Its a underground maze where parts of it still have Star Wars set. Whats funny about it is, its 16 Tunisian dollars/night 😛

Wynn Las Vegas
So, you’d think Las Vegas isn’t the place for geek toys. Nope…hi def TVs in every room with on demand HD, plus some poolside. Motorized drapes and lighting with a remote, VOIP phone system and a Red Card key that uses RFIDs. Its crazy as your Red Card stores everything. 😉 Funnily, the system runs off Windows XP. Here, Hotel chatter contemplated the pluses for a tech using this place, mainly, red card hacking>>casino>>happy tech, angry hotel.

A few others also made it to the list, but see it, links to hotels and pictures on Hotel Chatter

A Bit of Poetry

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I was doing some reading for Lit class, and i stumbled into an awesome parody of The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock. If any of you have read this poem, you will appreciate this parody very much. For the rest of you, read it, and if you get any of the references…hehe….just think about it. 😉
Check it out, its by Jeff Duntemann:

Let us go then, you and I,
For fast Chinese and talk of years gone by
Filled with random jumps and custom cable;
Let us go, recalling joys of FORTH and MUMPS,
The cluttering lumps
Of threaded code in frantic ten-hour hacks
To get that midterm project off our backs:
With code that twisted, doubled-back and bent
And set into cement
But came through with an underwhelming “B”…
Oh, do not ask, “What was it?”
I don’t care what it does, just how it does it.

On the Net the expert systems come and go,
Bragging about how much they know.

Over yellow chad that chattered out from teletype machines,

Over yellow tape that rattled out encoding fever dreams
That curled into the data center trash;
We lingered, inventing novel sort/merge schemes,
Or ways to thwart collisions when we hash–
And seeing that we’d been logged in since late last week
Took one last slug of Jolt and fell asleep.

On the Net the expert systems come and go,
Bragging about how much they know.

No! I am not Bill Gates, nor would I want to be;
I’d rather parse the fish than own the knife;
(Imagine! Having moby bux but chained

to ninety million lusers, what a life…)
Am a flamer, goateed, pallid, overweight,
Willing to pull two shifts, then (hell) a third,
To save a session from a deadlocked state;
At times, (to put it mildly) unrestrained–
Almost, at times, a nerd.

I grow old…I grow old…
dBase II and Wordstar are no longer sold.

Shall I start a BBS? Do I dare to try to teach?
I shall take my palmheld portable and hack upon the beach.

I have heard the networks passing packets, each to each

They have no traffic for the likes of me.

I have seen the Altair live and die
And software startups score on sorry score–
And millions made by men like Mitch Kapor.

We hackers linger by our leading edge
Forgetting what is pending in the cache
Till practice hurtles past us, and we crash.

Thank you Duntemann

Firefox Plugin Day

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It is time, for me to clean up some firefox tabs I have open.
Speaking of FF tabs….I found this nice FF extension thats going to be useful for packrats everywhere who have tons of tabs. Do you know how many tabs you actually have? Well, with Tab Counter, you will.
Sadly, you can’t have it cap the number of tabs, or do anything like that. Then again, if it did too much, it might be too bloated for casual use. Get it at the addons page of the mozilla site and start countin your tabs: Tab Counter

Ever done one of those online forms with a large textbox, submitted it, and had it fail? You try to use the back button, but…it doesnt work. Or, it does, and the text isnt saved in the old page. Well, by using this nifty extension, you can do your big texting stuff outside of FF in an external text editor! Get it through installing “It’s All Text!

Finally, last FF extension: ResizeIT
Ever had these windows pop up, have it load something, and find out: oh, look at that, it can’t resize?! Half the text is cut off, you cant understand anything, and you have to copy paste into notepad? Or have that happen with a media file and be screwed? Well, never fear, ResizeIT is here. You can resize it using keyboard shortcuts to a variety of sizes. Yay! Get it: ResizeIT


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Everybody is obsessed with fractals… If you don’t believe me go to this website ( to find out why they are so cool. Here’s an example of a Mandelbrot fractal:

Cool Fractal

If that’s not interesting enough check out the videos on the website, it will make a lot more sense later…

Here’s a similar picture with color added:

Another Cool Fractal

Of course this is a relatively simple type of fractal… (I just chose it because it looks like a snowman…)

Here’s the cool video I mentioned:�


Found this post in the ‘drafts’ folder, it’s offically post #609 (We’re near post #1300) But thought that it seemed interesting, so here it is for your reading enjoyment – Joe

Google Bug Alert! You shall now make 50 U-turns. 50, is the number of uturns you shall make.

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Yes….forgive me for the pun. But, you can make google maps get VERY confused. Atleast, for a particular route…
Just look at the directions: Google Maps

Here’s a sample:

Turn right to merge onto US-1 N 0.6 mi

1 min
Make a U-turn 0.2 mi
Make a U-turn 335 ft
Make a U-turn 0.2 mi
Make a U-turn 1.1 mi

1 min
Make a U-turn 0.2 mi
Make a U-turn 0.1 mi
Make a U-turn 285 ft
Make a U-turn 0.1 mi
Make a U-turn 125 ft
Make a U-turn 0.2 mi
Make a U-turn 282 ft
Make a U-turn 0.1 mi
Make a U-turn 253 ft
Make a U-turn 115 ft
Make a U-turn 0.6 mi
Make a U-turn 1.4 mi

2 mins
Make a U-turn 220 ft
Make a U-turn 0.1 mi
Make a U-turn 436 ft
Make a U-turn 0.5 mi
Make a U-turn 0.2 mi
Make a U-turn 0.2 mi
Make a U-turn 0.1 mi
Make a U-turn 0.4 mi
Make a U-turn 177 ft
Make a U-turn 0.1 mi
Make a U-turn 400 ft
Make a U-turn toward US-1 N/Trenton 226 ft
Make a U-turn 0.2 mi
Make a U-turn 482 ft
Make a U-turn 171 ft

Get it? …

10 Ways to Make a Banker Cry

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Thank you Brad Isaac for this list  😀

1.  Use their postage paid envelopes to send them artwork from your preschooler.
2.  Pay off your 1 year interest free loan 1 month before it’s due.
3.  Get them to draw up the preliminary loan application then say “I changed my mind.”
4.  Chop up your Capital One credit cards…and mail them to Nations bank with a note that says “Please cancel.”
5.  When mailing off a credit card payment, be sure and include a note
that says “I’ve been thinking of you, I really like that outfit you are
wearing.  What are you doing for dinner tonight?”
6.  If they phone you because your payment is late say “My identity was stolen in the movie Total Recall.”
7.  If they call back due to a late payment, tell them you have
something important to say.  Then read the phone book (If it works for
a filibuster it will work for Chase Manhattan.)
8.  Stop by the local bank, ask to see the manager and when you sit
down, say “Thank you for meeting with me, I wanted to talk to you about
loaning your little bank here some money.”
9.  If you are ever asked what you can use for collateral say “An ox
and 3 chickens.”  If they ask if there’s anything else, say “I guess I
could throw in a bushel of ripe delicious apples.”
10.  If they offer you an “interest free loan, demand they be competitive by offering an interest and payment free loan.

I don’t know about you, but #10…makes me laugh. so does 3 and 9. Then again…the entire list pretty much makes me laugh. 😛

Persistence Unlimited

Web Claims and what they Really mean

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Yes, we have done some of these too. Some of these are favorites (funny ones…)

“We’re out of Beta today”=“Please, mainstream news, cover us once more!”

“Please wait while loading”=“We don’t have budget for more servers”

“We use semantic clustering to enhance results relevancy”=“Our results are taken from another search engine, but will anyone buy us? Please?”

Read the slightly longer list here


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We have switched over to a new theme, and since i am totally sleep deprived right now, I’m going to sleep. Its already the “next” day over here, so the theme still looks fresh 🙁
It shall be fixed tomorrow

Page Addict Firefox Extension

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Now, this is a nifty little extension that will expose to you how addicted you truly are to a site. Perhaps it might even show that your maniacally addicted to flashladybug 😉
You can install the extension here!