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Magic Sand

Posted on June 21st, 2008 in Hands On/Build This!, How To's, Science!, Time Wasters | Comments Off on Magic Sand

Do-it-Yourself Magic Sand.
You know the magic sand that used to be on TV ads, its dry sand that you can make underwater sculptures from, and when you take it out of the water, it’s still dry!
Well…..its rather easy to make apparently.
Just take some normal sand from a beach. Clean it abit so its contaminated 😛
Stick in oven and dry for an hour to make sure its perfectly dry.
Take Scotch Guard Spray and spray liberally, mix, spray again. Let dry, then….spray again. Once its dry again, try it out!
Thank to Bewerten at Google Video

Icon War Flash Animation

Posted on June 13th, 2008 in Photos/Videoes, Time Wasters | 2 Comments »

I present to you a very well done flash animation depicting an epic war between your desktop icons. Granted, it uses some older icons, but really, its a good piece of animation. Hope you all enjoy Icon War

Demotivation Posters

Posted on May 31st, 2008 in Dumb Things That Happen, Photos/Videoes, Picture of the Day, Time Wasters | Comments Off on Demotivation Posters

So, I know theres been quite a few lists of demotivation posters, and I just want to contribute some that I have found to be especially funny or striking. A lot of these came from sites that made flash slideshows, and so here, I provide the actual image file in case you people want to keep a set on your own harddrive 😛
Check it out: Flashladybug Demotivation Poster Collection

Bandwidth Monitor

Posted on May 18th, 2008 in Computer software/hardware, Downloads, Time Wasters | Comments Off on Bandwidth Monitor

A rather useless thing for most people, but is something interesting to know if you are curious. This program displays the upload and download speeds of multiple network connections in realtime, and can record monthly reports. Heh, it could tell you how much bandwidth your using in your own house.
Check it out: SpeedApps Cyber Bandwidth Monitor

Kind of random/off topic

Posted on April 21st, 2008 in Lacking a Category, Tech News, Time Wasters | 1 Comment »

This is really off topic/not a normal post for flashladybug…but really, I just have to get this off of me.
You know those sites that claim they have found the secret to making thousands off of adsense? Their always in this particular format, long page, signature, personalized by the person who sold it, etc. I dont know about you, but, I used to think those were 1) all made by like the same person in some bot craze and 2) makes no money at all.
Well…surprisingly, I’m here to tell you that, atleast, ONE is legit 😛
let me clarify. By legit I mean that I, or rather a friend of mine personally knows the person making the claims, has worked with him for several years, and heres the kicker…actually makes money!
Really, its quite surprising. And who knows, it could just work 🙂
And so…this guy deserves a page on flashladybug, in addition to this post. Really…I just posted this because to actually know someone who does this for a living, and IS living, is quite amazing to me and who knows, he probably has some tricks up his sleeve.
Check out the description for his ebook: Adwords Profits 2

AllSnap and DesktopCoral

Posted on April 20th, 2008 in Downloads, Tech News, Time Wasters | Comments Off on AllSnap and DesktopCoral

So, today’s post is about managing your desktop space. You know how it is, sometimes you’ll open up a screen and want it as big as you can….BUT without covering some other window…like, maybe your aim window on the right side. Heh, you press the max button and its gone!
You can use DesktopCoral to reserve a portion of the desktop that allows certain programs to exist, and others aren’t allowed to maximize into.
At the same time, you can use AllSnap to align your windows perfectly.
I know..alot of us have to have those windows line up exactly! Well…allsnap will let you snap em together 😛 You can even designate lines on your desktop to snap to. Its pretty interesting, and i’m sure someone who really has to have everything line up will love both of these apps.

Random Utility: IE Retitler

Posted on March 25th, 2008 in Computer software/hardware, Downloads, Dumb Things That Happen, Software/Hardware Reviews, Tech News, Time Wasters | 1 Comment »

This is a REALLY useless utility. This isn’t even like there’s a possible use for it, this program honestly, was made because it COULD be made.
IE Retitler does exactly what it says. It lets you retitle the screens of IE to whatever you want.
Funny…there aren’t any preferences, plugins, or help files. Really…all you can do with it is leave cute messages to yourself when you glance down at your taskbar or the IE bar. Have fun with it 😛
Check it out: Brenton Fletcher’s Portfolio

To be frank though, there are some pretty nice little apps in this portfolio. Have fun flipping through it and downloading a few 🙂

El Bulli

Posted on March 3rd, 2008 in Lacking a Category, Photos/Videoes, Things we should do more of, Time Wasters | 4 Comments »

In a slightly random departure of our normally scheduled/planned tech news…we broach upon…food.
I understand that El Bulli has been out there for years, but this is the first time I personally have heard of this restaurant. Of course, it would help that I am not in habit of regularly checking world-renowned restaurants…but…

El Bulli is a restaurant in Catalonia, Spain. Its a very small restaurant. It only serves 8000 people a season. With a small catch. More than 800,000 want to be served. What’s special about this place? Well…its run by Ferran Adria, who is perhaps the best chef out there, and probably a genius. Food genius 🙂
What they do is innovate on food. Instead of making, say, extremely good pork chops, or any particularly good “normal” food, they and i quote “deconstruct” popular dishes and remake them.
Each season, they create a new course list and last years menu included, snow balls that were stuffed with strawberries, tangerine/carrot whipped fluff, and other interesting things that I just really can’t describe.
For this….check out the video: El Bulli on Youtube
Also…despite the overwhelming popularity of the restaurant, Adria continues to run at a loss, for the 8th year in a row, with cost per diner at exactly 250 euros. Hey…if you can get a spot…250 euros isnt that bad for a 30 course dinner that spans 4 hours 😉

File Destructor

Posted on February 28th, 2008 in Computer software/hardware, Dumb Things That Happen, Tech News, Time Wasters | 3 Comments »

Now, Flashladybug does not condone this service, we are only reporting this 😉 We will be held irresponsible for any problems that may occur from the use of this service.
File destructor 2.0 lets you create documents of a certain size that, upon opening in the right program, will give a “file corrupt” error.
What use is this? Well, as the site shows, you can *cough* hand this in instead of your actual document *cough* and get a few extra hours until whoever you gave the file to realizes its corrupt.
This is…interesting.
Check it out: File Destructor 2.0

Graffiti, geek style

Posted on February 24th, 2008 in Computer software/hardware, Photos/Videoes, Tech News, Time Wasters | Comments Off on Graffiti, geek style

So, there’s graffiti, and then theres graffiti. You have the interesting things that people put on the walls, and then you have random scribbles. We now bring you a different class of graffiti.
Behold…graffiti that contains “Born to be root”, “Loading Please Wait”, and, a printer that paints on sidewalks?

After the jump, theres a small gallery of true geek style graffiti, and then a new approach. This new approach uses a “printer” like device to print graffiti. This can print it on the roads using washable paint, or on walls. It’s an interesting little piece of hardware, check it out at Web Urbanist