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Google to Combat “Domain Tasting”

Posted on January 26th, 2008 in Google, Site of the Day, Tech News | Comments Off on Google to Combat “Domain Tasting”

“NEW YORK – The online advertising leader Google Inc.
said Friday it would help make it less lucrative to tie up millions of
Internet addresses using a loophole and keep those domain names from
legitimate individuals and businesses.

Over the next few weeks, Google will start looking for names that are repeatedly registered and dropped within a five-day grace period for full refunds.

Google’s AdSense program would exclude those names so no one can
generate advertising revenue from claiming them temporarily, a practice
known as domain name tasting — the online equivalent of buying
expensive clothes on a charge card only to return them for a full
refund after wearing them to a party. . .”

“. . .Name tasting exploits a grace period originally designed to rectify
legitimate mistakes, such as registrants mistyping the domain name they
are about to buy. But with automation and a burgeoning online
advertising market, entrepreneurs have generated big bucks exploiting
the policy to test hoards of names, keeping just the ones that turn out
to generate the most revenue.

The practice ties up millions of domain names at any given time,
making it more difficult for legitimate individuals and businesses to
get a desirable name.”

Read more about it here :

Google processes over 20 petabytes of data per day

Posted on January 13th, 2008 in Google | Comments Off on Google processes over 20 petabytes of data per day

“Google currently processes over 20 petabytes of data per day through an average of 100,000 MapReduce
jobs spread across its massive computing clusters. The average
MapReduce job ran across approximately 400 machines in September 2007,
crunching approximately 11,000 machine years in a single month. These
are just some of the facts about the search giant’s computational
processing infrastructure revealed in an ACM paper by Google Fellows Jeffrey Dean and Sanjay Ghemawat.”

20 petabytes of data is quite a lot of ones and zeroes. . . .20 petabytes is, according to Google, 21,474,836,480.  21 BILLION megabytes processed PER DAY.
That would take 42,950  hard drives of 500 gigs each, which would weight almost 107 tons, 750 pounds.  So thats TONS of data. . . . .

Read more about the type of data, and how much data Google processes, here.

Google Talk Translator

Posted on December 28th, 2007 in Computer software/hardware, Google, Tech News, Time Wasters | 7 Comments »

Google recently rolled out a 20% project that allows you to translate text using the google talk client. This works with both the desktop version and the gmail version.
You add a bot to your friends list that is specific for your language translation.

translates the french that you type into german.
There are currently 24 bots: ar2en, de2en, de2fr, el2en, en2ar, en2de, en2el, en2es, en2fr, en2it, en2ja, en2ko, en2nl, en2ru, en2zh, es2en, fr2de, fr2en, it2en, ja2en, ko2en, nl2en, ru2en, zh2en

Happy translating!

Gmail Talk Update

Posted on December 6th, 2007 in Computer software/hardware, Google, Software/Hardware Reviews, Tech News | 3 Comments »

Rejoice, for gmail talk now includes aim functionality!
Sign into gmail, go to settings, chat, setup aim. Done!
That is all 😛 Quite a simple update hehe

Google Going Into Alternative Energy

Posted on November 28th, 2007 in Google, Labs/Experiments, Science! | Comments Off on Google Going Into Alternative Energy

“SAN FRANCISCO – Google Inc.
is expanding into alternative energy in its most ambitious effort yet
to ease the environmental strain caused by the company’s voracious
appetite for power to run its massive computing centers.

part of a project announced Tuesday, the Internet search leader and its
philanthropic arm will pour hundreds of millions of dollars into a
quest to lower the cost of producing electricity from renewable energy sources such as wind and the sun.

If Google realizes its goal, the cost of solar power should fall by 25 to 50 percent, co-founder Larry Page said in an interview.

The Mountain View-based
company initially hopes to harvest cleaner-burning electricity to meet
its own needs and sell power to other users or license the technology
that emerges from its initiative, dubbed “Renewable Energy Cheaper Than

. . .

“Google aims to produce one gigawatt of power from renewable energy at
prices below the rates of electricity generated at coal-burning plants.
One gigawatt power would be enough to supply the needs of a city the
size of San Francisco.”

Well, it sounds like Google is jumping on the renewable energy bandwagon, and I think it’s a good thing.

(This is my opinion on global warming, then I’ll get back to the article at hand : I’ve been reading a bit about global warming, and what its causes are – is it man-made, or is it just part of a natural cycle of the Earths temperatures?  I’m not sure which one I believe.  Either way, the important thing is that the Earth is getting warmer.  It’s not important why.  If its man-made, then we should be working to slow down what we’re doing.  If it’s natural, the flooding and rising of the sea will still pose a problem for millions of people worldwide, so we might want to try and slow down the Earth’s warming anyways.)

So Google is working on ways to generate energy that are cheaper then coal, and can be sold at prices lower then the current market rate.  Global Warming or not, if it’s cheaper, who ISN’T interested?  Yes, coal has been a reliable power source for years and years.  But what’s to say that we can’t use something better?  Electricity can and will play a huge role in almost every aspect of our lives.  We use it to power computers.  I’m using my laptop and a desk lamp right now.  I’ve been reading some cool things about electric cars, and car makers are beginning to roll out plug-in hybrids that get charged from the wall outlet in the garage overnight.  True, these electric cars don’t have any emmisions, but there’s still a power plant somewhere burning something to get the electricity.  What if that electricity could be generated with almost no emissions at all?  Forget global warming, just think of the potential to improve air quality in and around major cities.  What’s to say that these renewable ways of generating electricity can’t be applied to other areas, or even other countries, that don’t have large amounts of coal, or places that don’t warrant running power lines hundreds of miles, and can’t afford to build power plants?  Is electricity the be-all and end-all of all our power needs?  No.  We need to make some other advances, like even more efficient electric motors, and better-still batteries, with longer life, and safer materials.  Is Google doing its part to start the electric ball rolling : Yes.

One other thing I’m wondering is weather or not there’s any way to get power from the heat generated by all of Google’s computers and servers.  I know that all that electricity and processing power generates vast amounts of heat, that must be dissipated, carried away, or cooled.  Is there any way to take the heat generated from all these servers and use it for something productive?  I know you can have sun-heated hot water.  How about server-heated hot water?  Is there any way to use this hot water to generate electricity?  I know that it probably shouldn’t be hot enough to boil, but there’s gotta be SOMETHING you can use this extra heat for.

Read the full article on Google’s renewable power efforts here;_ylt=AhBJXqqUN5nUDfIWfO2cW8wE1vAI

Google Cheat sheet 1.06

Posted on August 14th, 2007 in Computer software/hardware, Downloads, Google | 2 Comments »

Yea…i dont know bout the 1.06 bit…but hey…its a google cheat sheet. Who needs more? And if its past 1.00, its all good 😉
Useful….and I do NOT think I need to explain more than that this little pdf will make lots of things you need to do with google so much easier. Of course…if you knew it already, itd be even easier.
Google Cheat Sheet

Gmail Storage Size Increase

Posted on August 14th, 2007 in Computer software/hardware, Google, Tech News | 1 Comment »

Every time i login to gmail, i look at my remaining storage, and think….omg….
I am currently at 93% usage….and lemme put it this way, i dont use gmail as online storage. Most of it….is email with text attachments o.O
While google’s deal this time is not the most um, attractive one that you can find online, atleast its an option.
From now on, you can buy extra storage space. Current rates are as follows:
6 GB ($20.00 per year)
25 GB ($75.00 per year)
100 GB ($250.00 per year)
250 GB ($500.00 per year)

Slightly pricey…so I’m holding off on this for now. However, at the launch of this service, it is rumored/with some evidence, that for 6 GB, the rate was $1. 🙁
Sadly…it is no longer.
You can view your current storage usage in your Account Panel
Which also has a link for upgrading storage.

Google News

Posted on August 8th, 2007 in Computer software/hardware, Google, Tech News | 3 Comments »

A bit of google news for us all.

Google Maps:
Most of us have used google maps for directions, and perhaps glanced at its time estimation. If my trip went anywhere near population…id double or add 20 minutes to the traveling time, for traffic, etc. Well….I have one less thing to do now 😛 Google now automatically adds in traffic estimations according to current conditions, etc. Maybe not exact…but, its better than nothing.

Google News:
Comments on Digg, comments on blogs, comments everywhere, and now…even news! Google News will now allow people to submit comments to news stories, provided their name, and a method of verification. The example given, was a flood. If you lived in the area where there was a flood, you could leave a comment on how conditions were there. If you were mentioned in the story, even better :P. I think its an interesting twist to normal news. Their launching it only on domestic sections atm, but will release it worldwide if it turns out promising.

Google, you disappoint me :'(

Posted on July 19th, 2007 in Dumb Things That Happen, Google, Tech News | Comments Off on Google, you disappoint me :'(

You know, google is probably one of the few companies, if not the only one, for whom 58% increase in revenue is a disappointment. Now, the increase was from 2.46 billion to 3.87 billion. Tell me, is a almost 1.5 billion dollar increase quite substantial enough? but no…google, you are sliding. You didnt make it a FOUR billion dollar increase >.<. How could you?!
Ya, ok, i’m going to stop that now, so yes, apparently this has “unnerved investors who were expecting another blowout quarter.” Compare this, with Yahoo’s. hey cool! only a 2% drop! woot!

Google Elmur Fudd?

Posted on July 17th, 2007 in Google, How To's, Time Wasters | 15 Comments »

I did a little searching, and found a few “alternate” google homepages. . . .

Theres a few more, and the google searches don’t actually change the results, they’re just alternate homepages.


Although those alternate Google homepages don’t do anything but look cool, Google does offer a few specialized searches.  Search for results pertaining to the US Government, Linux, Apple/Macintosh, or Microsoft.


And who could forget Google’s cute easter game with the bunny. . . .