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Repost: Synergy

Posted on November 2nd, 2009 in Computer software/hardware, Downloads, For Macs, Linux, Software/Hardware Reviews | 6 Comments »

Perhaps I’m just trying to get back into things…but lets start off the supposed revival of flashladybug with a repost.
I only recently, and I mean *recently* discovered the true usefulness of Synergy.
I posted this waaaay back in December, ’08. Reaaaly long time ago.
In any case, I tried this up on my desktop and laptop, stuck them side-by-side. My current setup is Left Panel, Center Panel, Laptop Display.
With synergy, I essentially have a 3 panel desk! The only thing that is missing is that I cannot move windows between the desktop and laptop screen. They are working on that, and I gotta admit, if they succeeded in doing that somehow, this would be quite an app.

In anycase, brief summary: Lets you share the use of a mouse and keyboard across computers, regardless of platform/OS. Copy paste is retained between the machines, and it works with almost no lag on a wifi network.

Synergy could be the easy way of adding productivity without having to shell out for a new video card and monitor 😛


Posted on December 3rd, 2008 in Computer software/hardware, Downloads, For Macs, Linux, Software/Hardware Reviews, Tech News | 2 Comments »

No…not what your probably thinking.
Instead, synergy allows you to use a keyboard and a mouse to control several computers. What this lets you do on a network is use 3 or 4  computers, as a 3 or 4 monitor setup.
To make it better, a clipboard is shared across them.
You install the server software on the main computer that has the keyboard and mouse, and client software on the others. What is quite nice and lets everyone have the fun, is that you can use Macs in this wonderful array too.
Check it out, Synergy


Posted on November 8th, 2008 in Computer software/hardware, Downloads, For Macs | 7 Comments »

Here is a nifty program for the mac users out there.
I know, we neglect you guys here, but really, I don’t have a mac, although I would like to run a virtual mac on my desktop (Currently trying to figure out how to do that)
This is one program that makes me want a mac…other than final cut of course.

CSSEdit is a…*gasp* CSS editor. It does things differently than other CSS editors though, which are essentially a pretty notepad that helps you code, and maybe show you a preview. Instead, CSSEdit allows realtime stylesheet changes on a preview page. You can manipulate the code and see the changes happen, or you can do it the other way around, move around elements, change them in the preview, and watch as your css code changes with it.
Of course, it also has W3C validation 🙂

Its one of the things I really wish Dreamweaver could do, but alas, this program is Mac only, and they plan on *keeping* it mac only.
If anyone has alternatives for windows, please tell us!
Check it out, CSSEdit

Xirrus Wifi Monitor

Posted on August 3rd, 2008 in Computer software/hardware, Downloads, For Macs, Tech News | Comments Off on Xirrus Wifi Monitor

This is a widget available as a Yahoo Widget or Vista Sidebar gadget, and it is a nice militaristic looking radar screen. With your settings, it scans for wifi networks. Interestingly enough, it plots the physical location of nearby access points. Very cool. It also gives you statistical data about the point. Its pretty much eyecandy, along with the ease of choosing access points to connect to on an actual physical plot.
Check it out: Xirrus.


Posted on May 22nd, 2008 in Computer software/hardware, Downloads, For Macs, Tech News | 2 Comments »

For those Mac users out there who have read out posts for Hamachi and been disappointed in the fact that there wasn’t a real mac alternative, HamachiX is here. Mark has informed me that its existed for quite some time now, but it appears as though alot of the bugs of installing HamachiX has been solved. Hopefully the package will work smoothly now. Post problems you run into while running this. 😉


Sharing iTunes Libraries

Posted on April 3rd, 2008 in Downloads, For Macs | Comments Off on Sharing iTunes Libraries

Here is a nifty little way to um…”Share” iTunes libraries 😉 This involves installing a program calls Mojo that allows you to download music from someone else who also has this program installed. Limitations: Both computers must have program, and both comps must be on the same LAN. Well….for the second problem, just use Hamachi. All set.
Quick and easy. Check it out: Mojo
*Windows and Mac compatible


Posted on March 29th, 2008 in Downloads, For Macs, Tech News | 7 Comments »

No…we haven’t all of a sudden started to listen and idolize Kelly Clarkson…
Breakaway is an app for a mac!
Amazing 😛
What happens is, when your headphones become unplugged, Breakaway will auto pause your itunes music. I know, this is kinda useless, but idk, a bit nifty. Saves you from having to pause it 😛