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WEP Cracking

Posted on November 22nd, 2009 in Downloads, Dumb Things That Happen, Linux, PSA-Types, Things we should do more of | Comments Off on WEP Cracking

So, in the interest of those of us who are poor college students and cannot afford good interwebs, or those of us who just moved into a new apartment and can’t get that internet up in time….
Here are the moderately idiot proof ways of cracking the WEP encrypted network of your neighbors, whom you should bake cookies for and give to them for their kind supplying of internets.
SpoonWep in BackTrack3. Boot into Backtrack 3, KDE Menu>Backtrack>Radio Network>Analysis>80211>cracking>SpoonWep
You need the channel and the BSSID which you can get from BackTrack>Radio Network Analysis>80211>Analyser>Kismet

What this pretty much means…DON’T USE WEP to encrypt your wifi! It keeps no one out, and its pretty much a useless and empty gesture.
Cheers and remember those cookies!


Posted on November 10th, 2009 in Computer software/hardware, Downloads, Dumb Things That Happen | Comments Off on SheepDog

Due to the large number of presentations I’ve had to do these past few months, I’ve run into this problem a few times. You do your presentation, you’re all done, then you unplug your monitor and powerpoint is…stuck in the imaginary monitor. One might ask…why the hell would it happen?
I can offer….no reason. In any case, Sheepdog is a shepherd that will push these lost windows back onto your screen. Either through a hotkey or the system tray, you can have it shepherd any windows. It’s 20 kb and free….nifty?
It’s usually pretty painful to get the window back yourself, either reattaching the computer and moving it back, or changing internal settings, etc. In any case, I feel like SheepDog is a nifty little program to keep in your flash drive for that occasaion.

Crap, I missed it!

Posted on April 21st, 2009 in Computer software/hardware, Dumb Things That Happen, Tech News, Things we should do more of, Time Wasters | Comments Off on Crap, I missed it!

Once you start building up a library of music artists, actors or directors that you keep track off, its very easy to miss a release or event from them. Crap, I missed it! is a way to keep track of book authors, tv shows, albums, concerts, movies, sports, pretty much everything.
Register, add your interests and tracking, and it will notify you of anything.
It’s really quite useful. Check it out: Crap I missed it

Launch of Affliated Sites

Posted on February 5th, 2009 in Dumb Things That Happen, Site of the Day, Time Wasters | 1 Comment »

As a partial reason/excuse for the low activity here these past weeks, a few of our affiliated pages have been developed and are currently in their nascent forms. We have been working on these rather hard and hope they will be become popular and useful.
Now, please keep in mind that both of these sites are for curiosity, information, and entertainment, not a license to go out and actually *do* them.
I am please to announce the beginning of the two sites: and These two sites complement each other. has the theory, the mechanism of how explosives work, while provides you the stunning media, such as images and video of such explosions in action. We hope both of these sites will grow with time and become an entertaining and safe online compendium of the ever enthralling explosion.

Weather Reports

Posted on September 19th, 2008 in Dumb Things That Happen, Lacking a Category, PSA-Types, Time Wasters | Comments Off on Weather Reports

You know, sometimes the weather report is just too much. You really don’t need to know that theres a 39.8% chance of rain with a standard deviation of 2, that the relative humidity is going to be 60%, and that, in the next hour, its going to change by 3 percent.
Instead…umbrella today? tells you a very simple thing. Do you need an umbrella today?
It can even send you text messages on the days you need an umbrella (kind of unnecessary).
Kind of useless, but heh, on some days, you just don’t want to mess around.
Check it out:

Google looses German rights to “Gmail” name

Posted on June 29th, 2008 in Computer software/hardware, Dumb Things That Happen, Google, Time Wasters | 16 Comments »

“Google Germany spokesperson Stefan Keuchel told The Local via email on
Monday that the change from is a result of a trademark
lawsuit with German businessman Daniel Giersch, who owns the German
trademark for an email service called “G-mail…und die Post geht richtig ab” for his paid email service.

According to Keuchel, Google’s action stems from a German court
decision in July 2007, which ruled that Google could no longer use
“Gmail” for its email services based on Giersch’s trademark.”


Okay, I’m no German speaker, but Google Translation yeilded “and the Post is right from” when I entered “und die Post geht richtig ab, ” so I’m guessing that the german mail service is basically “G-Mail – the mails always right,” or some other positive phrase about the good quality of the companies mail service. I don’t have the exact translation, but I get the point. Its still a catchy advertising slogan, no matter what language its in. I’d actually be really interested to know how long Mr. Giersch has held the German trademark for “G-Mail.” For once, I’m actally tempted to argue that he’s got it, and that Google should simply continue calling their service “Google Mail.” Much as I like a good deal of what Google does, just because their bigger doesn’t mean they automatically get international trademarks because they want them.

Ultra HD Video at Comcast HQ

Posted on June 25th, 2008 in Dumb Things That Happen, Photos/Videoes, Picture of the Day, Tech News, Time Wasters | Comments Off on Ultra HD Video at Comcast HQ

Funny…Comcast High Speed internet is slowly throttling their bandwidth, cutting off their customers slowly, have crappy customer service, and what do they do?

Lets install a super high def video demo at our HQ of 10 million pixels and let the 1 person who walks in marvel at our awesomness 😛

But, enough with that, Comcast installed this “screen” of 10 million LEDS at their headquarters and demonstrates super HD video quality.

It includes an automated video room that handles the 27 terabytes of video that is required to fully use the thing.
Check it out at DVICE

Odd Product of the Day

Posted on June 23rd, 2008 in Dumb Things That Happen, Time Wasters | Comments Off on Odd Product of the Day

I’m not sure if I should be saying, “great idea” or “you….are wierd” to the inventors of Blood soap dispenser.
Its a dispenser of liquid soap that looks like blood. When you try and wash it off, it looks like your desperately washing off blood 😛
I can see how this can come in very handy during Halloween or the like, but imagine going to some public restroom and have people come in while your washing your hands….From a contributor to Makezine

The Most Meta Internet Video Ever

Posted on June 17th, 2008 in Dumb Things That Happen, Photos/Videoes, Time Wasters | Comments Off on The Most Meta Internet Video Ever

“You’ve seen cats flushing toilets, Will Ferrell and his toddler/landlord, Filipino prisoners dancing, and hot babes hosting gadget shows. But wait, and we mean wait, until you’ve seen this!”
From Slate V

More music from random old computer equipment

Posted on June 11th, 2008 in Dumb Things That Happen, Labs/Experiments, Lacking a Category, Site of the Day, Time Wasters | Comments Off on More music from random old computer equipment

“Radiohead held an online contest to remix “Nude” from their album – “In Rainbows” This was quite a difficult task for everybody that entered, as Nude is in 6/8 timing, and 63bpm. Most music that’s played in clubs is around 120bpm and usually 4/4 timing. It’s pretty difficult to seamlessly mix a waltz beat into a DJ set.

This resulted in lots of generic entries consisting of a typical 4/4 beat, but with arbitrary clips from “Nude” thrown in so that they qualified for the contest.

Thom Yorke joked at the ridiculousness of it in an interview for NPR radio, hinting that they set the competition to find out how people would approach such a challenging task.

I decided to take the piss a bit, as the contest seemed to be in that spirit.

Based on the lyric (and alternate title) “Big Ideas: Don’t get any” I grouped together a collection of old redundant hardware, and placed them in a situation where they’re trying their best to do something that they’re not exactly designed to do, and not quite getting there.

It doesn’t sound great, as it’s not supposed to.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum – Guitars (rhythm & lead)
Epson LX-81 Dot Matrix Printer – Drums
HP Scanjet 3c – Bass Guitar
Hard Drive array – Act as a collection of bad speakers – Vocals & FX

Thanks to Afrotech and Dr Roland Shregle (ganjatron)”

(From the video description)