Here, we get to list and expound on how great or horrible our bloggers are! (just kidding…)

Each author can and will (aka unwritten threat) post whatever they want about themselves on here. Please, no stalkers. Thank You

Ranked in order of number of posts… 😉

Brian: Hi, “owner” of the blog, I write stuff!

Contact Info: Talk to me on AIM: blin200, email me:, or MSN me:

I am nuts enough to be running a grand total of 5 OS’es on my laptop. Mac OS(intel ver), Windows XP Pro, Mandrivia Linux, Knoppix, and Windows Server. Sadly…onely one works without my external drive. hehe…

Joe:� I’m the sort of ‘Cheif Editor’� If you made a typo, give it an hour…

Otherwise, i’m like brian, i have way too many computers but perfer using printers and networkey things as opposed to Operating Systems.