Here is a nifty program for the mac users out there.
I know, we neglect you guys here, but really, I don’t have a mac, although I would like to run a virtual mac on my desktop (Currently trying to figure out how to do that)
This is one program that makes me want a mac…other than final cut of course.

CSSEdit is a…*gasp* CSS editor. It does things differently than other CSS editors though, which are essentially a pretty notepad that helps you code, and maybe show you a preview. Instead, CSSEdit allows realtime stylesheet changes on a preview page. You can manipulate the code and see the changes happen, or you can do it the other way around, move around elements, change them in the preview, and watch as your css code changes with it.
Of course, it also has W3C validation 🙂

Its one of the things I really wish Dreamweaver could do, but alas, this program is Mac only, and they plan on *keeping* it mac only.
If anyone has alternatives for windows, please tell us!
Check it out, CSSEdit