Yes, Google has recently released the beta of its new browser Chrome. It has been designed from the ground up for web applications with a focus on security and performance. Some of the features include a UI with tabs on top, an integrated privacy mode, and a task manager that can monitor and restrict individual tabs and plugins like processes. For more information take a look at the comic book Google produced to explain every aspect of Chrome.  I have been using the browser since yesterday, and it does seem to be faster than firefox especially when loading a whole bunch of tabs at the same time. Being that it is still in beta, Chrome is not without some issues. There are reports of some security flaws, even though Chrome is supposed to be more secure than other browsers. I experienced some problem with the controls in flash videos, but this was easily fixed putting the tab in its own window. Chrome still has a lot less features than Firefox, most significant being its lack of extensions. This is something Google is working on, and will perhaps be included in the final release. Even though it will not yet replace firefox, Chrome is a good, albeit minimalistic alternative.