Kind of out of the range of this blog, but then again, nothing is out of range! *plans a post on the complex math behind string theory*
but, anyways…apparently, a lot of fans can turn both counterclockwise and clockwise. And furthermore…theres a difference between the two settings 😛
Since its summer, Simple Dollar recommends that you use counterclockwise in the summer. The way to verify that it IS right, other than staring at the fan of course, is to stand underneath it and feel if a breeze appears immediately after you turn it on. This makes the most sense during the summer of course. In the winter however, you spin it clockwise. The angle of the fins pushes air upwards, which will allow the cold air to circulate with the warmer air up by the ceiling. Of course, weigh the cost savings of having the fan turned on vs the heating benefit.

Cheers, and thanks to The Simple Dollar