Richard Howard is an antique enthusiast and a furniture restorer from Norfolk, England. He’s got a passion for old things, like old cars, his 1920s house (which his grandfather built), and his old telelvision set – the same Walnut-encased unit his father bought in 1957.

“”It was my family’s first TV”, Mr Howard said.

“My father was
walking past the store and was just taken by it. I think there were
cheaper ones available but he liked the way it looked like a piece of
furniture instead of just a big screen sitting in corner of the room.”

He has even kept and framed the receipt for the £113 purchase of the Bush Television Receiver.

was away at boarding school at the time but I remember coming home and
being amazed. I think the first programme I saw on it was the Lone

“I have a lot of fond memories of Christmas time when the
whole family would gather round and watch it together. I could never
bear to throw it away it had too much value attached to it.””

Mr. Howard can even continue to watch his television after a 200-pound revamp, including a converter so the classic unit can decode the new digital TV signal and display it in the correct format on the 1957-vintage television.

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