I knew that Google had an airplane (a few actually), but I never knew where they kept it. . .

“The bummer about owning 767s and G-Fives is you need somewhere to land
them, preferably close to your office so you don’t have blow hours
stuck in traffic with all the plebes. Thankfully, resourceful Google
has already solved that problem–by cutting a deal with NASA to
use the government’s private runway next door to the Silicon Valley
Googleplex. And now Google has made the deal even more convenient, by
signing a broader deal to rent 42 acres of NASA land for 40 years on
which to build a new Googleplex.”

$1.3 million for the runway, and $3.66 million for the 42 acres. Not bad.

Check out this link if you want to know (and see) Google’s $15 million ex-Quantas 767, and some of the may locations its been over the past year or so. (Clickable map included.)


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