This is really off topic/not a normal post for flashladybug…but really, I just have to get this off of me.
You know those sites that claim they have found the secret to making thousands off of adsense? Their always in this particular format, long page, signature, personalized by the person who sold it, etc. I dont know about you, but, I used to think those were 1) all made by like the same person in some bot craze and 2) makes no money at all.
Well…surprisingly, I’m here to tell you that, atleast, ONE is legit 😛
let me clarify. By legit I mean that I, or rather a friend of mine personally knows the person making the claims, has worked with him for several years, and heres the kicker…actually makes money!
Really, its quite surprising. And who knows, it could just work 🙂
And so…this guy deserves a page on flashladybug, in addition to this post. Really…I just posted this because to actually know someone who does this for a living, and IS living, is quite amazing to me and who knows, he probably has some tricks up his sleeve.
Check out the description for his ebook: Adwords Profits 2