I’m just going to let this speak for itself.

Okay, i can’t keep my mouth shut.
I reccomend the following from PCWorlds list as particularly interesting and worthy of exploration.

#3 : The three AM one looks pretty cool.  I haven’t been up till 3 to test it out, but it looks neat.
#4 : I remember reading about Gmail Paper.  There may even be a FLB post on it.
#7.  The Google Earth flight simulator.  The first time I heard of it, i didn’t believe it.  Surprisingly, Brian or Joe hadn’t heard of it either.  So off to Google Earth I went . . . and there it was.  No lie.
#8. Google calculator. One of the things i love about Google.
#12. The Picasa Bear. Just how many it will show is a mystery. . . but its a lot.