We apologize for this ahem…sponsored post. A long while back, we joined the PayPerPost community, and through some work, actually got some money from these sponsored posts. After this time, I have come to realize a few things. First…this is quite a good business model. It works. Second, this helps you pay hosting. Damn important I would say. However, there is one bone I want to pick with the entire program. I understand why you allowed advertisers to set bottom limits for blogs so they actually get a good deal. Sadly, for a blog like this, with a page rank of 3, and a rather low alexa score, most opportunities that I would actually enjoy posting are not offered to me. This binds me to posts about…casino deals, or…insurance deals, which I am sure readers are not thrilled at reading. Overall however, I have to admit, the money I have received from PayPerPost has gone rather well with my hosting bill. The goal now…is to find opportunities that I can actually *endorse* and would endorse even without being paid to do so. In this line, I hope to never post any trash whose only purpose is to sit there with the link to PayPerPost and provide me with 5 dollars to offset hosting. Cheers!

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