Okay, funny headline, serious idea.

Mike Elgan of Computerworld.com has written a very good bill of lights for gadget makers, proposing that they stop putting LEDs and other “cool” lights into our tech gear, because it can be downright annoying at times, especially at night.

“Despite general design ingenuity, it seems that nobody at Palm ever
considered the effect of that hideous green light on the Treo. When I
would go to bed, the entire room would flash: GREEN! GREEN! GREEN!
Turning the phone upside down reduced, but didn’t stop, the annoying
assault. I typically would have to bury the device under something or
hide it in a drawer. Annoyingly, nobody knows what that green light is
for, and even worse, you can’t turn it off.”

. . .

“My PC and other computing equipment make my office look like a jet
cockpit. I have two LCD monitors, each of which has two indicator
lights that flash even when the PC is turned off. The attached sound
control has a light on it. My keyboard has multiple lights. The power
cord has lights, the printer has lights, and the power button is
illuminated. My cable modem and Linksys router flash like crazy all the
time. Together, these useless lights create a visual cacophony of
blinking, multicolored lights that make me feel like I’m taking part in
a NASA stress test for astronaut candidates.”

Read the full article (very good), and send in the Gadget Bill of Lights to any tech designer you know who continues to INSIST on using loads of useless flashing lights.