Okay, I guess the title of this is a little odd….I don’t know anyone who’s ever tried to use their computer tower to support an air conditioner, or anyone who’s ever tried to air condition a hard drive to improve performance by sticking it in front of a window-mounted unit.

The real PSA in here to to be careful to protect your computer from power surges over the summer. Air conditioners, in particular, put a huge load on the average home electrical system (especially in older homes.) When an air conditioner turns on, or shuts off, its possible to have a power surge that runs through the electrical system into your computer, and can fry hard drives, among other important computer components.

I suppose while I’m on it, I may as well mention that during the summer, computers can also be subject to power outages and brownouts. Make sure that you save data when you’re not using your computer, just in case the power shuts off while you’re away. More importantly, do your part to prevent brownouts in the first place. Remember to turn off your computer when you’re not around, or out for the day. Check to see if your monitor has a sleep mode that it goes into when you’re away. Not only will you help prevent brownouts, you’ll save the cost of the electricity too.

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Additional Notes:

If your computer is plugged into a different circuit than your air conditioner (If you turn off the circuit breaker / pull out the fuse that your air conditioner is plugged into (and it shuts off) but your computer stays on), you’re most likely OK. And, It’s always a good idea to use a UPS or other quality surge protector with your computer.

Another additional note : Be careful if you have a large laminator plugged into the same circuit as multiple computers and and air conditioner. When the circuit breaker goes, neither the computer, or the air conditioning user will be very happy. No further comment.

– Joe