For people who use computers alot….and their computers that don’t have batteries…or external drives…either make sure you have a nice trusty ups, or some pretty reliable power service 😛
Here i was…burning a 4 gig dvd. Half way through, whirrrr, zeeeeeee, silence. “AH CRAP!” I was burning from my network pc. Well….theres a coaster. Waits patiently for the power to return. YAY! Pops in a new dvd and starts burning. 3 gigs in, whirrrrrr, silence. “OMG. WHY?”
Twice. Two coasters, and corrupt data on my network now. Its just great…lol. then again, we’re talking about my laptop which has a battery life of an hour when its on low everything. So…do what i just did if you dont want this happening to ya: EBAY>>Search>>UPS>>Buy.>>Pay…>>>Happy!
lol…this is a normal public service message brought to you by Brian’s crazy paranoid house that has too many packages arriving at his door every day. 🙂