Dilbert Movie
First off…..theres going to be…a DILBERT MOVIE!
Warner Bros via Chris Columbus has gotten movie rights to the Dilbert Comic. Woot!

Who wants Coca Cola when you can get OPEN SOURCE Coca Cola?!
Presenting…OpenCola. Amazingly, people say it actually tastes like Coke and Pepsi combined. The can even says “check out the source at opencola.com.” If you go, its actually a recipe FOR OpenCola. The recipe is..of course, licensed under the GNU General Public License. Crazy people…Sadly, the website that made it at first died after selling a some cans, but hey…its open source. Go go GO! Open Source Coca Cola

UN Radiation Warning Signs

the UN has decided that they need universal radiation signs. and i quote “the new symbol will not be visible under normal use, but only if someone attempts to disassemble a device that is a source of dangerous radiation”….uhhhh…ok…
crazy…check it out at the UN site

Finally, NukeProof USB Drive

now, plenty of these usb drives have been taken to the test. The bullet proof usb key was recently tested and it surprisingly withstood quite a few blasts, cept a shotgun. Now…this one, i dont think anyone is eager to test. Nuke proof? WHO NEEDS ONE? Anyways…check it out at Slashgear