Review My Post is an interesting program provided by PayPerPost. If a blogger goes to your blog, reads a post, and blogs about in their own blog via the “Review My Post,” that blogger gets some money for the post as well as you. Its an interesting concept thats simply an evolved form of referrals, but its probably very effective. This is definitely a good opportunity for bloggers to build traffic and offset their costs. We’ll give it a shot.
Heres how it goes:
Flashladybug has its PayPerPost account.
We post anything. Lets just say….quantum computers and their influence on cheese production
You…a blogger, have read abovementioned post and have decided that its totally wrong. that its totally right, that we’re all on drugs.
You click on the “Review my post” button that will be located under each post.
You sign in/create a PayPerPost account.
You write your post and finish the assignment.
Once it has been verified, Flashladybug gets money, you get money
We all get money
We’re happy.
See, its simple, easy, and ya know what? it supports both you and us!
We shall implement this feature soon, probably tomorrow. For now, you can check out the specifics at the PPP site and generate traffic.

Oh, and just for your knowledge:

All posts that are paid for via PayPerPost on this blog shall have that nice blue bar indicating that we have received monetary compensation. However, please note that very few opportunities exist where the tone of the post is either positive or negative. Its usually neutral. Also, if we do not agree with the post’s required tone, I wont do it. All the ideas and reviews shall be from the poster and not affected by the payment. Thanks!