Yes, so Dan introduced me to Jumper, which, i gotta admit, is fun and addicting, but its FREAKING hard. For some reason, I do better on the redux campaign, which is harder, than the normal campaign. I played that for a good chunk of time today.
The rest of the time, I played Jedi Trainer and read Terry Pratchet.
Jedi trainer…is absolutely addicting. I dont know why…but it is. I mean, all you do, is wave a lightsaber and hope to kill a floating ball. But…its kind of odd. Because, sometimes, you can hit the ball, and kill it. Most of the time, you hit it, and it flies off in some direction, and starts shooting you with it. Oddly, you can hit the thing as much as you want, and it just wont die. Then…it dies. Its really random. But…see how high you can get! I got 12594 SOMEHOW. Play it here