Yes, this is the day of timewasters.
There is QWERTY Warriors, which, I have to admit, is pretty odd, but hey, its great for someone who wants to improve their typing skills. You sit there looking at the screen, each enemy comes waltzing in with a word under him. You type the word correctly, and you shoot him. Type it incorrectly, and nothing happens. Enemies come faster and faster in different forms with each of them getting harder words. Its pretty hectic near the end, and what do you know, theres even powerups. 😉
Play it here

The second one…Double Wires is a Spiderman type game. Assuming you’ve played helicopter before, this is like that…only with a spidy guy. You got two arms that are sticky and can extend. Object of the game? Swing around as far as you can. Good luck! Play it here

And finally, TrID the file identifier. You ever see really wierd files that have no extensions on them? And you know you want whatevers inside it? You know you can open it and get the info, only if you remembered the file extension. No fear! TrID can scan the file and tell you the possible identities of the file! It can also learn different file types as you use it, and has lots of uses. Try it here