Okay, a bit of a combined post here.

1.  Classic lit spam?  What’s the deal here?  I couldn’t tell you if i’ve ever recieved it, i usually read my spam folder to see if anything got dumped there accidentally, then delete it all.  Suspicions fly that lit spam is simply a way to try and fool spam filters – what could be considered real, valid text than the works of a classic author?  Either that, or the forces of evil have turned into the forces of annoying, yet good-hearted.


2.  The 100 greatest Novels of All Time
This list, from the Observer, is 100 of the greatest novels of all time.  I’ve read 12 of them, and enjoyed 10 of the 12 I’ve read.

The List

Observer Article

3.   The top 10 harmfull books of the 19th and 20th centuries
(Okay, I have to interject – this list was put together by a conservative group – a few of theese books could be considered the most influential books of the past few centuries.)

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