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Posted on December 29th, 2006 in Games, Time Wasters | Comments Off on Flatland-Timewaster

Timewaster of the day is Flatland. A small little game where you move around shooting buggers and collecting the colored blocks that shoot out. When you get hurt, you loose blocks. Its actually kind of like mario and coins…
Play it: Flatland


Posted on December 27th, 2006 in Computer software/hardware, How To's | 1 Comment »

Filling out a nasty form that wants your phone number? If you dont trust it enough to give your phone number to, you can use craigsnumber.
Give it the time you want the disposable number for, a cellphone number, and voila! you have it for the time you asked for. Its quite useful, though i haven’t had to use it yet. Probably will come in handy later on.



Posted on December 27th, 2006 in Computer software/hardware, Downloads, Site of the Day, Tech News | Comments Off on SmarClose

A nifty little program which can close in one click all the programs you want closed. Or…just nuke everything running.
Whats really useful for this is, you can close all your programs you want closed, keep the ones you want open, take a snapshot, and with one click later revert back to this config using this program!
Very very useful. I have it set to 3 different configs which i found the most useful. Normal working processes, gaming processes, and shut down processes. This 1)improves performance, and 2) takes down my shut down time extremely low. SmartClose

Physics Toys (Yes…it inclues LineRider

Posted on December 22nd, 2006 in Science!, Time Wasters | 1 Comment »

After the release of the official Line Rider 2.0, theres an interesting little collection of other physics toys. By little, I meant 3. 😛

MIT Sketching…looks really interesting. Can you just imagine some crazy physics teacher using this? The world would end. Everyone would see these bloomin freebody diagrams everywhere! Curse those rogues at mit for making this… I’m still looking for some way to get my hands on it though……hehe

Working Model 2D is slightly less wonderful, but…can you imagine the possibilities! whole physics periods wasted to the goal of furthering uh…science?


Posted on December 22nd, 2006 in Time Wasters | Comments Off on NORAD+Santa!

NORAD has rebooted their tracking systems this year again for Santa!
Don’t ask…just visit NORAD Tracks Santa

A little more from Mark….

NORAD has been tracking Santa for more than 50 years now.  It all started when a department store set up a hotline for kids to call and talk to Santa.  ( I forget the store, and I saw this on TV last week…..)  The number of NORAD’s emergency phone was one digit off from the department store.  So one one kid accidentally called NORAD, the operator played along.  He “saw” Santa on the radar.  And it’s continued ever since.  The website is pretty good.  There’s a map that updates worldwide, and last time I viewed it, last year, they bring in some “real” computer renderings of Santa captured “from Radar”, so you can even actually watch him flying for a minute or two of his route.

Dell XPS 710 New Tech?

Posted on December 22nd, 2006 in Computer software/hardware, Tech News | Comments Off on Dell XPS 710 New Tech?

So you know about Dell’s wonderful XPS Line. I like em…especially since their shiny. Though, I would rather build it myself with self bought parts…sometimes, the slick design and integration is quite nice.
Dell apparently has a nice gift waiting for us. Black Ice. (no..not the paranoid firewall…)
The image they have for Black Ice makes me very very curious. For once, I really like dell’s enigmatic description of
The Cold Front is Moving In

Interesting….possibly a revolutionary cooling tech to allow super overclocking? (I perked up when i read that…i like cooling tech….hehe)
When I get info…it’ll be here. Shiny…dell….Black ice! Yay!

Big. HUGE. Experiment!

Posted on December 21st, 2006 in Historic Technology, Science!, Tech News | 1 Comment »

The Compact Muon Solenoid CMS particle detector is being constructed at CERN in Geneva. The thing is HUGE! What its going to do, is have the Large Hadron Collider accelerator hit a particle inside the CMS. It will (should) (better…) show us what the universe may have looked like instants after the big bang and allow us to track and find fun particles. Mainly, the Higgs-Boson. 😀
We shall see….it will be turned on around Christmas 2007. A nice present for those crazy physicists. Yay! Science Daily

New Tech 2007

Posted on December 21st, 2006 in Computer software/hardware, Science!, Tech News | Comments Off on New Tech 2007

So, this isn’t a definitive list, nor was it meant to do so. However, i think…bendable fun. 😛
So is PRAM is very nice….i look forward to a comp with pram in it
Printed solar panels sound VERY useful
passport hacking…makes us sad.

Read the whole list from popular mechanics
and yes, i have desisted from the “this” link anchor, when I realized that the anchor word “this”…sucks. Sorry! 😛

The *Official* Linerider 2.0

Posted on December 19th, 2006 in Computer software/hardware, Time Wasters | 4 Comments »

Yes, it has been created and released. The official line rider has 3 different lines. Blue (normal), red (accelerating) and green (scenery)
It has a pencil tool, a PEN tool! eraser, maginfying glass, checkmarks for marking (lol). Its a good update, and its running on the “official” site. Linerider

Now, lets add a bit of news. Linerider…is coming to consoles! inXile bought the rights for Linerider, and their going to bring it to the Wii and DS in Spring next year. Amazing….

Addicting Game of the Day (Literally…for me)

Posted on December 17th, 2006 in Games, Time Wasters | 1 Comment »

Yes, so Dan introduced me to Jumper, which, i gotta admit, is fun and addicting, but its FREAKING hard. For some reason, I do better on the redux campaign, which is harder, than the normal campaign. I played that for a good chunk of time today.
The rest of the time, I played Jedi Trainer and read Terry Pratchet.
Jedi trainer…is absolutely addicting. I dont know why…but it is. I mean, all you do, is wave a lightsaber and hope to kill a floating ball. But…its kind of odd. Because, sometimes, you can hit the ball, and kill it. Most of the time, you hit it, and it flies off in some direction, and starts shooting you with it. Oddly, you can hit the thing as much as you want, and it just wont die. Then…it dies. Its really random. But…see how high you can get! I got 12594 SOMEHOW. Play it here